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Policies & Shipping

Our birds are for show, shear beauty, and breed enhancement only - NOT INTENDED FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES. We ship to the US States only. For live birds if your state requires any kind of permit or paper work of any kind you are responsible for the fees that will be incurred. If you are wanting to buy live birds from us and you are in another country, you must have a US address to ship the birds to and set up with a broker to get the birds from the US to your country. We are NOT responsible for birds or eggs once they leave our hands, for we cannot control any part of the shipping once this has happened. We do our best in preparing live birds and eggs for the trip but there are so many factors that come into play. This is a risk you take when shipping this kind of product. If you do not agree these terms then please do not purchase.

Eggs - We ship a lot of eggs and have had very good luck in doing so. Some have had 95% hatch rates. Our breakage rate has been less than 2% and we ship 500 to 1000 eggs a year. We keep our cock to hen ratio at 1 cock to 3 to 4 hens so our fertility rate is high. Again with shipping eggs, this is a very risky job and drops fertility once in the mail. There are many factors that come into play. We check on our eggs several times each season so we know our eggs are fertile. Eggs are bubble wrapped and packaged very well for the trip and sent priority mail.

Chicks - Day old and quail sized chicks are available from time to times so check availability before purchasing. - Day old are special orders and must be pre paid for before eggs are set to begin. A minimum of 12 chicks must be ordered at a time for safe shipping 1 or 2 extra chicks will be sent depending on hatch rate. You can order assorted breeds to make up the minimum order. - Quail sized chicks can be ordered in trios or at most 6 per shipping box.

Stags, Cocks, Hens, Pullets - Are shipped 1 per shipping box or at most two if they are young stags or pullets.


Shipping Costs

Eggs - 8 or less - buyers pay shipping. 12 or more - we pay shipping.
Chicks - Day old orders - we pay shipping.
Quail size - $65 for shipping.
Stags, Cocks, Hens, Pullets - $80 for shipping.
(Discount on quantity shipment.)